Historical Places At Surabaya


What do you think about Indonesia ? unsecure ? Bali ? Terorist ? Develop Country ? What ever do you think about this country, I have to say that this country is awesome. You can tell that what I am saying because I am an Indonesian. But just ask some one that had travel to Indonesia. And do not believe what’s your friend tell about. Prove it by your self. By tour and travel agent or backpacker by your own.

When you arrive in Indonesia, you may arrive at Jakarta or Bali. But may I suggest you to visit Surabaya. Surabaya is the second biggest city in Indonesia. In 2016 UN-Habit was held in this city. Surabaya wellknown as City of Heroes. Surabaya located in East java 772,2 km from Jakarta. Enough far right ?if you backpacker to Surabaya you can use public transportation by train, plane, bur, car or motorcycle from Jakarta. Consider the safety and cost if you choose public transportation.

In Surabaya there are many historical places. I will give the brief explanation about 11 historical places at Surabaya.

  1. Jembatan Merah Plaza

Jembatan mean “bridge”; merah mean “red”. The plaza was named jembatan merah plaza because it is located near jembatan merah that have historical stories. Jembatan merah plaza is one of the famous mall in surabaya. You can find valuable thing with wholesaler’s price.

  1. Pasar Atum Mall

Is a large trading mall in Surabaya, located at the northern of Surabaya, a large indoor chinese local market, selling food, clothes, jewelry, you can bargain the price here.

  1. Genteng Market

This traditional market is located in strategic area, genteng street in the city center. In this market you can find typical food of Surabayalike “krupuk”, saline fish, flaky or krinting fish and food types from crop growing on the sea. For example:flaky lorjuk, prawn and tripang. All snack and teh complement eat that have been tidy is goodin plastic and also box. Fruit taste crispy like salak, mango, banana, jackfriut and pineapple also available.

  1. Tunjungan Plaza

Is a shopping center in Surabaya, as well as the most popular plaza in the city of Surabaya society, Tunjungan Plaza is located in Surabaya Canter on general Basuki Rachmad and leads up to embong Malang street. This shopping center has four main building are interconected, tunjungan region known as the commercial center of the city of Surabaya. Tunjungan Plaza is a family mall concept to provide all needs of the family in one place.

  1. Heroes Monument Museum

This monument was built as the remembrance of the bravery of Surabaya’s fighters in the fighting againts the allies army. The monument with 41.15 meters height. It/s located in front of East Java Governor Office, as cultural pledge building, located in Pahlawan Street, in this monument we can also enjoy the photo collections complete its naration.

  1. Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu is abbreviation of “Surabaya” and “Madura”. His the name of a bridge that connect the city of Surabaya and madura island. The length is 5,438 meters and can be tranversed by vehicle such as cars and motorcycle. The bridge turn out to the longest bridge in Indonesia. It is also known as one object of tourist destination at Bangkalan. You acn buy fod and unique souvenirs.

  1. House Of Sampoerna Museum

Situated in “Old Surabaya”, this stately Dutch colonial-style compound built in 1862 and is now preserved historical site, previously uses as an orphanage managed by dutch. It was purchased in 1932 by Liem Seeng Tee, the founder of Sampoerna, with the intent of it being used as sampoerna’s first major cigarette production facility. Using city sightseeing bus that modeled like a tram that once roamed across the city in the past, so-called history trackers can enjoy and get know the buildings and history of Surabaya.

  1. Sunan Ampel Mosque

Mosque  that being built by Raden Rahmatullah in 1421, is reside in Ampel Street Surabaya, the visitor will be greeted by the merchants who sell various supplies to pray and also souvenir like godly clothes, prayer beads, cowl, cap, perfume, and date, according to official member of the mosque takmir every day around two thousands paid a visit.

  1. Cheng Ho Mosque

The architecture of Muhammad Cheng Ho, which located in Gading Street Surabaya, it’s built by alliying Islam culture, Java and Chinese. As a whole, the mosque is capable to accomodate 200 pilgrims, fairish 21×11 meters with main building 11×9 meters.

  1. Santa Perawan Maria Church

The Roman Catholic Church of Kelahiran Santa Perawan Maria, is located at Kepanjen Street, the church that being built in 1899 is th oldest church in Surabaya the church is designed with gothic style by dutch westmaes there is resemblance of this church with church architect, Jean Baptiste Antoine Lassus, St.Jean Baptiste de Belleville Paris built in 1854.

  1. Sanggar Agung Temple

Klenteng Sanggar Agung or Hong Tan temple for buddist, Tao and Kong Hu Cu followers located in Sukolilo Street 100, Kenjeran Beach. The existence of Sanggar Agung temple become more attractive because of the temple is situated above the sea water.


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